Reiki in Medical Settings Part 1

Practicing Reiki in medical settings demands a different level of professionalism and preparation in providing outreach than that provided in a traditional Reiki class or session in your private office.

Your own class or office has a certain structure and predictability to it, and for most practitioners, the majority of the public they do does not deal with the severity of issues encountered in the medical setting.

Over the last ten years, the Reiki Fellowship has been participating in classes and sessions for veterans, elderly, hospital visits, hospice settings and most recently, families and staff at Ronald McDonald House.

In working with vulnerable populations, such as veterans, the elderly or those with suppressed immune systems, it’s imperative that Reiki practitioners bring both sensitivity and practicality to each interaction.

My Reiki master colleague, Donna Frindt, and myself hold seminars based on this article to better equip practitioners to continue to spread the light into these settings.

Presenting Reiki to Health Care Professionals

As Reiki practitioners, we all know the wonderful dimensions this healing modality can address, the non-ordinary realities we can encounter, and the vast spiritual domain in which it encompasses.

But as a practitioner presenting and communicating with health care professionals in attempting to establish a Reiki program, bringing the topic back to the ‘mainstream’ lessens fear and confusion.

In fact, for any Reiki practitioner going into a mainstream setting, it’s important to use discernment in your description.

I have talked about and described Reiki to medical professionals to pique their interest in bringing Reiki into their facility by being prepared as well as being approachable.

Most recently, I gave a presentation to the coordinator of volunteer services for Ronald McDonald House, using the following talking points and example exercises:

I always start out with an introduction of What is Reiki?

Stay tuned tomorrow for how to describe Reiki.

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