Pt. 3 Reiki in Medical Settings: Remaining Grounded

Because of the patient’s conditions, because of the vigilance needed in practicing hygiene, because of unforeseen crises possibly happening around you while in the medical setting, remaining grounded is as important as actually practicing Reiki on patients.

I remember that during one of the classes I was teaching at the veteran’s center, a vet started to break down emotionally while participating in a Reiki circle of healing.  He cried and was quite shaken up from the profound love he felt after years of feeling horrible for the actions he had been engaged in during live combat.   Along with my urging as well as the support of a supervisor who was also present at the circle, this vet was encouraged to take a ‘time out’ after his emotional release, and had the option whether or not to return to circle.   During this whole process, the rest of the circle continued, and being the facilitator, if I was not in a grounded place, navigating around all the emotional discharge would have been difficult.

Another time, doing Reiki sessions on the elderly in a nursing home, several patients who had various forms of dementia, started to act out, while others were dozing off to the point of almost falling out of their wheel chairs.  I called for assistance from nursing staff, who did come to help, and in the midst of it all, Reiki was still given.  I spent time after we were done coming back to my center from the previous chaos.

Some ways to ground during and after sessions, classes and circles:

  • Working with the Reiki symbols Sei He Ki and Dai Kyo Myo as both mantras and yantras can aid the practitioner in utilizing a tool to navigate the turbulent waters that trauma often churns up.
  • Provide compassionate listening and maintain boundaries while offering sessions. This means not over-identifying or becoming “embroiled” in the situation at hand. If someone seems to be in real emotional distress there are mental health professionals available for referral.

After the session, techniques to assist you:

  • Performing “energy hygiene” like dry brushing.
  • Salt water/rosemary hand baths or full body detox baths (don’t do if you have contraindications).
  • Grounding with earth
  • Discussing with trusted connections

This last point, is one of the most valuable in my outreach into medical facilities.  Often times, the experience has been quite overwhelming, not from stress, but from the compassion that comes in offering healing to those who are suffering.  Having a Reiki support group, which often occurs before each regular Reiki circle we attend.

It’s also a good idea to plan the ‘de-brief’ session into the outreach you do, so that after you are done, you can meet with colleagues and discuss any issues that might have come up.

More and more medical facilities and practitioners are expressing interest in holding Reiki sessions and classes for their patients.

Approaching these situations with professionalism as well as attention to detail and being prepared when you are presenting or performing services helps to assist and further the work of each Reiki practitioner.

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  1. Ultra Enhanced Indo
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 10:29:58

    Great tips on how to remain grounded. My sister, who practices, has told me the troubles she goes to to make sure she stays centered and grounded when she is with a patient.

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