The challenges and rewards of leadership

Leadership is about having a clear mission and being able to communicate that.  It’s being grounded in your integrity and knowing that you stand by it regardless of what obstacles get presented.

The world needs leadership now, and I encourage all who feel called, to embrace their inner leader.  I know from first-hand experience it’s not an easy ride in getting to the place where you feel confident, and it certainly takes practice, time and the school of hard-knocks.

I’m also a big proponent of also finding your ‘wisdom council’ to assist you in your leadership development.

That might be as simple as a group of supportive friends or colleagues, or it might be more formal, like a networking group or actual workshops in leadership development.

Because, when you put yourself out there, inevitably challenges come up and it’s pretty important to have a place where you can be supported and encouraged in the midst of adversity.

Leaders also know boundaries.  Sometimes leading a group, as much as you might be friendly with everyone, being ‘friends’ can often not work in your favor.  You can loose objectivity and sometimes, be taken for granted.  Also, friends might have a separate agenda from the mission of the group.

But that’s my personal style, and I know all are different.  I’d say my way is being ‘available’ and ‘approachable’, but with compassion and perspective.

From this place, when issues come up and bad news needs to be conveyed, it can be done in a clearer manner without the mess or drama of an intertangled friendship.

That being said, having established many relationships in various groups I have led over the years, I am rewarded when the vision is obtained, and the people involved have grown and changed for the better through the process.

I’ve also learned a lot about collaberation and letting others take the reins.  Micromanaging drives me crazy, so, allowing others to fill in the details begins to show them what they are capable of accomplishing.

And one more thought for this blog, is the inevitable place a leader comes to when things go beyond their control.  That art of ‘letting go’ needs to be enacted.  And with that a greater trust that all will work out, according to the overall plan.



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