Sending Reiki to Greece

When I was in Greece this past spring, my Reiki master colleague, Costas, warned me of what he thought might happen to his country in the upcoming months.

And now, it seems much of that is beginning to come true.  A great perspective on what people in Greece are feeling comes from this short video from the BBC of a reporter describing the situation like a ‘relationship with the government gone wrong’.

Our own country is feeling much of that too, and when I delve into the news, I always remind myself to send Reiki to each story that seems dismal or hopeless.

What my colleague Costas did remind me of, is that the Greeks are resilient people, their culture has been around a long time.  They may come off the Euro, have to endure financial hardships for years to come, but they won’t be ‘beaten’.  Frustrated, yes, but on this day when key decisions are being made in that country, I hold the future of Greece and Europe in the light.  For that matter, the whole world, being intrinsically interconnected.


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