Cultivating your intuition

Intuition is a gift that every human being is born with.  “It is the ability to acquire knowledge without  the use of reason.  The word ‘intuition’ comes from the Latin word ‘intueri’, which is often roughly translated as meaning ‘to look inside’’.

Whether or not we decide to exercise its function and make it stronger, like we do with our muscles, is up to us.   Intuition ‘works’ when we put our 5 senses aside.  Then it  is able to become activated, providing a guiding force that is completely natural.  Intuition is our 6th sense, but is often stifled by our culture’s over dependence on the 5 senses of the material world.  When we tap into our intuition, decisions that seemed difficult to make suddenly gain more clarity.

One way to help aid your true intuitive sense to emerge is to disengage your conscious mind to allow access to the subconscious, thereby freeing you from the worries and concerns of his/her everyday life.  Techniques such as meditation, yoga and receiving or giving bodywork are very helpful methods to achieve this state.  Another helpful way of tapping into our guiding force is to keep a ‘synchronicity log’ for 2-4 weeks.

At the beginning of each day, think of a problem or issue you want some clarity on and write it down.  During the first week, pay attention to what ‘coincidental’ occurrences happen that have to deal with your issue.  Write down daily what does or doesn’t happen and at the end of the week reflect of what occurred.

For the 2nd week, repeat the intention with the same or different issue, but during each day, pay attention to written signs that seem to repeat themselves (i.e. your intention is support to be able to loose weight.  You go walking downtown and see a sign in a store advertising ‘thin’s paints’, as you go into the store, you see a flyer for a weight loss support group).

You can repeat this exercise for weeks 3 and 4 as well.  Use synchronicity and intuition to your advantage.  Reflect on your issue each day and wait and see if you get any impressions of what people you should talk to and places to go through.

You know you are acting on intuition when you have the sensation of being illuminated and electrified from within; your personal passion, purpose, and power are also awakened.  If you are lacking in these latter experiences, wait.  Don’t act on the information.  The guidance you are receiving may be wishful thinking or projections from the past.  Intuition always serves the good of the whole, yourself and others.

Quoted material taken from Wikipedia definition of intuition.


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