Insight Reiki: Clearing away anxiety

When there is multiple changes occurring in my life, my anxiety meter ‘goes to 11’.  The technique I developed, Insight Reiki, is a useful tool for giving that buzzing energy space and helping bring me back to center.  Here’s a sample of the method.

When I began working in counseling centers on the East Coast in the early nineties, I noticed that clients avoided addressing many parts of a session. I got the feeling that what clients didn’t say or show told you the most about them. I couldn’t ignore the fact that much more was going on in the session than the dialogue we were exchanging. I began to sense problems lurking behind polite smiles. Sometimes I even saw what I later learned were energy fields around them, which would fluctuate in color, depending on the client’s mood.

As I pursued Reiki studies, energy techniques began to ease their way into the environment of my sessions, and the basis for Insight Reiki was born.

The benefits of Insight Reiki include:

  1. Engages the healing power of touch. This therapy alone is reaffirming.
  2. Is a multi-dimensional approach and can be used with diverse populations.
  3. Aids in unblocking and releasing the bio-energetic field.
  4. Allows the client to experience his or her whole being instead of just the intellect/cognition.
  5. Reaffirms client’s presence, allowing him or her to feel/intuit what is and isn’t real.
  6. Presents the truth for the client to deal with. A person can argue with words and avoid facing reality. But the body doesn’t lie—it holds memories, fears, hopes, and dreams.
  7. Facilitates the client going into the “void,” often called a “trance state” and is similar to the collective unconscious Jung spoke of. Here the person will find answers to many important and pressing questions.

I recorded a guided meditation to help both me and my students go within to release the blocks and symptoms they were feeling through gentle prompts and guided meditation/imagery.  The technique is described more fully in my book, Touching the World Through Reiki, and also is available by download here.

Because practitioners come to the session with Reiki as their base, they already understand what it means to have faith in a Universal Energy. That is love and light, and it guides the session so much more than the practitioner.

If you approach each session with a full and open heart, surrendering over to Reiki as your guide, and follow the basic protocol for opening and closing a session, then what happens in between is divine. It is an honor for you to bear witness to it.


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