Reiki circles for social transformation

Tonight from 6:30-8:30pm at East West Bookshop I’ll facilitate the last Reiki circle before I winter in Santa Monica this year.

I just heard on the radio that what makes people happy is spending money on leisure activities that allow them more time with friends and family.  This has been my experience in holding several hundreds of Reiki circles over the years…that people like to come, spend 2 hours of their time, offer a low donation just to connect with others, and the Universal force of Reiki.

What does that mean for society?  Well, because Reiki is non-denominational, isn’t  a religion, it means that people of all faiths and backgrounds can come and share in the experience of something so much greater than themselves and leave transformed.  For the greater good.

I just really bow to the whole process.  I am in total awe of the experience.  Because it just reminds me it is so much greater than me.  When all those people come together to give and receive.  I’m just the facilitator.  I set the boundaries for the group event.  And then the magic begins.  An hour or so later, we emerge from having received 15-20 minute sessions and feel ‘back in our bodies’…more complete.

Touched by the hands of strangers who have become our friends.

If I had the energy to do so, I would instigate Reiki circles for every meeting and gathering that occurs across the world.  Start out with the circle and then proceed with discussion.  People’s minds would be clearer.  Words would be expressed more from the heart.

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