Manifesting the vision

I’m getting clearer and clearer about the vision of a city center for this Reiki Training Program and Fellowship.

Over the years I’ve had many council sessions with other members, about where we can go with our practice, what we can do, try, etc.

We’ve experimented a lot but have also established all kinds of interesting ways of bringing healing into the world.

But now it’s finally coming to fruition.

I see a Reiki center in downtown Seattle serving as a teaching and practicing space.  No longer in a new age bookstore or hidden away in a sanctuary, it resides in the heart of the mainstream.

That’s my mission, not excluding Reiki off to the side, but bringing it right into the center of where people shop, bank and work.

That’s where it’s needed.  My own “occupy movement” if you will, to let Reiki establish itself for the public.

I had that vision a long long time ago when I first started.  I thought of little Reiki kiosks spread throughout cities, people could come into them, receive healing and then go back to their own worlds a bit more calm and centered.

I even saw a vision of a kind of Reiki Starbucks on every corner.

This is different.  This place I see is a magnet, like a martial arts dojo.  A reinvention of the ‘Center for Ki Studies’ I saw years and years ago.

This past weekend retreat has reinvigorated my own connection to my work in bringing it into the public eye.

I’m fearless that way; I don’t shy away from controversy when it comes to letting Reiki come out of the closet.

It’s been in there way long enough.

To its merit, Reiki is a private practice, for an individual to learn and grow through, but it’s also a very public demonstration of peace.

Like allowing the West Seattle Reiki sanctuary to manifest, I’m not attached to how and in what way the downtown Reiki Center will be created.  But I feel lit.  South Lake Union?  Belltown?  Those areas seem to be pulling it, but I’m also open to it being right in the business center too.

So, I put it out there, I will meditate on that vision each day.  I will search the classifieds from time to time and also reach out to colleagues.

At some juncture, it will come together and the Reiki Training Program and Fellowship will have its formal home in a commercial space, entering a new chapter in the school’s evolution.

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  1. April
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 13:50:28

    That’s awesome! I too want to start/create a holistic healing center that focuses on Reiki. Not only to provide help to those needing healing but also as a support for the Reiki Practitioners in my area. For them to have a space to practice and teach. I had this vision before I took Reiki 2. And now I am a Karuna Master its just that more ingrained in me. So I hope to make it a reality as well. Many Reiki blessings to you and your idea.

  2. reikitrainingprogram
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 17:36:15

    Hi April,

    Thanks so much for your own ideas and support!

  3. marcilaughlin
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 23:04:08

    I applaud your vision, Eileen, and will add my own love and energy to it!

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