Creating the next chapter

Today begins the next chapter in the evolution of the Reiki Training Program.  Continued to be run by competent instructors and practitioners who have taken the master journey, I now manage the classes and offerings from afar.

At the same time, the unfoldment of my Reiki work awaits me in Southern California as I spend the winter there, taking a break from the season of rain and darkness that overtake the Puget Sound.

So, I’ll be in the light, doing the light.  I’ll have an opportunity to get back into a fitness routine that went by the wayside these last few months in preparing for this journey.

As I finish the last of the packing and preparations, my connection to Seattle and what will manifest through this exercise in distant Reiki is foremost on my mind.

I make room for the next generation of Reiki masters to embrace their leadership potential.  I lay the ground for new projects to unfold.

The Insight Reiki book that has stemmed from my work of the past decade now has room to be birthed.  As does a more personal writing project that keeps nudging me to explore.

So the unknown details of whats to become lay before me like the road that will take my family southward today.

My friends and colleagues who will be residing at the Sanctuary will continue to infuse it with love and light.

My vision for the next chapter is an exercise in effortless transition.  I yield to the flow of what will be and embrace the change willingly.  So mote it be x3!


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