The challenge of day 2

What is it about 3 day journeys and the challenge of the second day?  Last weekend at the Reiki retreat I hit that spot in frustration on the inner work we were doing.  I felt a distinct urge to flee, but pulled myself together, and returned with integrated emotion.

Yesterday, while driving on I-5 south of Medford, OR, my cat meowed unmercifully and wanted out of his carrier.  Against my better judgement, I let him come out and put him on my lap.  His meowing got more intense as he looked around at all the cars whizzing past.  I wondered how I’d get him back in his carrier, and then, lo and behold, he decided to ‘evacuate his bowels’ all over the blanket that was on my lap.  After attending to that emergency, I started to have feelings of doubt about the whole trip.

The poor cat.   I felt such compassion for his fear and overwhelm at having to adjust to being contained in a moving car, which has been a totally foreign environment to him.   For the last two years of his whole life, he’s been a pampered indoor cat, free to roam his domicile at will.

Luckily the accident happened all over the blanket, we were able to pull off the road and cleanup was fairly easy with the addition of wet-wipes and a handy trash bag at hand.

The rest of the day I contemplated the different paths I could have taken to transport my feline friends.  Namely, the option of flying in an airplane for two and a half hours versus an arduous three day road trip.

But I’ve flow with cats before, and that same ‘evacuation accident’ happened in even a smaller confined space:  the airplane restroom!  Word to the wise:  don’t touch the walls of an airplane bathroom, you never know what’s been running around inside it!

All day yesterday, I started to doubt my planning…I felt that same need to flee I had in the Reiki retreat, but of course, where would I run too?!  Just like the weekend before, I sat with all the stewing emotions, mile after mile, and gave them space.

And when we finally arrived to the hotel in Sacramento, and released the cats from their carriers, I was rewarded to see that both cats were actually more well-adjusted than the night before.  They had bigger appetites, they were more social, they had acclimated.  At the end of the day, I was the one who had stepped outside my comfort zone, not them.

With one day left of the journey, I feel we’ve all made it through a tough patch.  We are rested, fed, and ready to complete this last leg.

I am glad we chose this route versus air travel, even if it’s longer, we’ve bonded a bit more, have had more time to rest and digest the transition of one world to the next.

I send Reiki into the day, and I’ll keep the cats in their carriers, lesson learned.


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