A new life

Yep, so here I am, now settled in Santa Monica, CA.  I’m not sure what to do with that just yet.  Sure, I’ve got a bunch of Reiki obligations forthcoming, but Southern California….well, not sure just what that will be.

I’m happy the weather is warm, ok, it’s raining, but it’s a warm rain…the cats that have put up with 3 days of a journey in their confined carriers are adjusting….me, well, I’m just here for now….in Richard’s work place to access his internet before I go on my own to find the nearest Starbucks..

Right now, I miss the certainty that comes with living in a place for over 12 years…knowing the weather, knowing the routine of traffic…I’ve gone into stores to buy things and everyone kinds of looks at me as if I’m a stranger…which for now, well, I am.

I know this, for sure…I have plowed the way for Reiki, and those here in Southern California have yet to experience….so I’m hopeful…

But for day to day…I’m open to what I am called to do…write, mingle, be a spot of light…not sure…

Here goes the trial….

I open myself to the possibilities, to the potential which is greater than  I.

So mote it be, x3 as I say.

And in the the end, the new life is just another part of the old life.

And so it is.  And so it shall  be!!!


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