Honoring routine and structure

Being self-employed over the last twelve years, I’ve had to impose structure to my work day.  Without a certain routine, it’s too easy for my artistic nature to deviate into a million different directions and not complete the tasks at hand.

When I don’t focus on working on a project, I get distinctly distracted, unfocused, and often quite unproductive.  Then a lovely self-defeating thought pattern arises about not being good enough or worthy enough, etc., etc., blah blah.

So I create routine and structure and stick with it day in and day out.  The order has created my livelihood and many amazing projects are the result of it.

Blogging has been one of those projects.  Before blogging, it was writing in a notebook.  Both exercises found a place in my morning ritual to allow both space for the creative and contemplative mindset before delving into the requirements of the day.

Being away from my home base this week and in the forthcoming weeks, I have had to self-impose routine, in the form of presentations, circles and classes that didn’t exist before, but are now etched into my calendar.

I’m also dedicated to writing further, completing the book on Insight Reiki I started many a moon ago as well as giving room for other stories and/or articles to develop.

As I type this in my humble apartment, I realize that a certain amount of containment is necessary for me to write.

I’ve tried composing in coffee shops, but all the commotion and noise fragment my attention.

It reminds me of when I was in college, I couldn’t study very well at home or in the dorm, but the library, it’s imposed quiet zone, allowed me to go deep into the material at hand.

But there is a balance between the introverted work of writing and managing a business online and interacting in an extroverted way with the public.

Today I will have lunch with my sweetie who only works a few blocks away and then head out across the valley to Pasadena, where I have a presentation on Reiki I’m doing later this evening.

So for now, I enjoy the quiet pause, held by a space of sanctuary, shared by two cats and full of the potential for what’s to come next!


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