What I’m thankful for

  1. Being alive at this time on the planet to be a beacon of light to the world.
  2. Cultivating a thriving Reiki school and community in Seattle and Spokane.
  3. Having a partner with whom I can share my whole world and who in return loves me like no one ever has to the total depth of my being.
  4. Parents and family who have supported me in all my various stages of life and still accept my eccentricities.
  5. Friends both new and old who offer their wisdom and council with an open heart.
  6. All the cats and creatures that have graced my home over the years, providing my world with the comfort and love that only pets can bring.
  7. Ancestors of both my blood and of my spirit that have bestowed me with insight.
  8. Being able to have traveled the world many times over, visiting sacred sights, embracing cultures and seeing the similarities in them rather than the differences.
  9. Being born with a certain intelligence, creativity and curiosity that have allowed me to navigate this world with relative ease.
  10. Growing up on the East coast to make the second half of my life on the West coast that much more precious.
  11. Creating a sacred home wherever I live.
  12. Having had both amazing and challenging teachers as I’ve walked the Reiki path.  All of whom have contributed to the wisdom I now share with the world.
  13. Having a body which has enabled me to experience the pleasure of life:  food, love, touch and happiness as well as the pains:  sadness, grief, anxiety and frustration.  Without my body, well, I wouldn’t be human.
  14. Being able to communicate my thoughts and feelings through the mastery of language both speaking and in writing.
  15. The changes that happen day to day.  Whether that is in the weather or in the situations that seem so ‘solid’.  Embracing change has taught me to embrace life.
  16. Technology to allow me to connect with the world from anywhere I am.
  17. The creative vision and dedication of filmmakers, directors and actors to provide entertainment and perspective through the movies, plays and performances that enrich my world.
  18. The same ambition and conviction in all the other artists of the world whether through music, dance, art or writing.  Without art I don’t feel humanity would thrive.
  19. Mother Nature who supports us all.
  20. This planet which is the classroom for us all.
  21. The next generation who always hold the key to making a better world.
  22. Accessible wisdom that until this last century was only available to the few and privileged.
  23. All the helpers and healers of the world who assist in relieving the suffering that is our existence.
  24. All those that inspire and motivate others to become what they were meant to be.
  25. The ability to go within and meditate and do Reiki each and every day to serve as a clear channel for the best and highest good of all.

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