Sending Distance Reiki

Leaving my healing studio behind, I still offer Reiki sessions, but in the form of ‘sending at a distance’.

How does that work?   This is usually what people ask me.  Similar to the power of prayer and of intention, sending Reiki has been an exercise in compassionate witnessing of the highest measure.

In the Reiki system, level 2 is dedicated to working with the sacred symbols that the founder, Mikao Usui saw in his own awakening to how healing occurs.

Those symbols are like the ‘Reiki computer code’ that allow it to work on a transcendent level.

The distance healing symbol acts as both a visual and verbal focus to amplify the energy.  I’ve called it a ‘time-space capsule’ or maybe a better description would be a radio antennae.

Just like the waves of the radio station broadcast music, the distance symbol in Reiki broadcasts healing energy to the ‘target’ that has requested it.

I have clients all over this country and the world who set up distance healing sessions.  So, just like an in-person treatment, that client lets me know what time and place they will be in, making the ‘target’ even more specific and focused.

Usually the client also creates for themselves an environment that they can enjoy the session—resting on their couch or bed, playing gentle music, just as if they were receiving a hands-on treatment.

On my end, I also prepare, I go within, meditate, focus, and just like ‘regular Reiki’, get out of the way of the energy once it begins transmitting through space and time to the target.  I let go of attachment to any result and witness, in a very objective way, all levels of the person I am sending to:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I may get impressions the same way I would in-person.  I usually ‘see’ more energy blockages when I am sending distant than in-person.  I also hear wisdom from the person’s ‘higher self’ more clearly.

Sending distant Reiki, for me, is a clearer form of the healing art because the physical body is only one part of what is being worked on.  There is no ego in the room to overcome.

I have sent Reiki to assist clients in receiving clarity, overcoming depression and anxiety, reduce pain from surgery, labor and delivery and promote the healing from disease.  In each case, a tangible form of the energy was experienced by the client.

That being said, sending distant does require you to ask permission of the person who is receiving.  You can’t force a person to receive, you honor their intention.

At the end of the distant session, I usually check-in with my client to let them know any impressions I received and also to get their feedback.

I’ve also done simultaneous distant sessions via Skype, so ‘in real time’ I’m conversing with the client while they are receiving.

Distant Reiki opens up the door to a new way of receiving healing, just like the cell phone in your pocket, you can receive the ‘call’ or ‘wave’ wherever you are!



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