Somewhere in time

It is one of my favorite films from the early 80’s, Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve….made me think about the possibility of time travel and the everlasting love inherent in romance of soul mates.

I feel I’m finally in a place in my life where such magic truly exists.  Regardless of geographical distance that often accompanies the busy schedules my partner and I have, we are very intrinsically connected.

One time, while he was in San Francisco and I was in Seattle we had agreed to call at a certain time.  When the call didn’t come, I dialed his number only to get voicemail.  This usually happens when his phone battery dies out, so I wasn’t too concerned…but as the hours went on, I wondered why he hadn’t just borrowed someone else’s to make the call.

Then, I sent distance Reiki to ‘check-in’ with what was going on, and I literally saw him laying down on the street in downtown San Fran.

He didn’t appear to be injured, just resting, kind of out of it.  I thought that strange, because it was in the evening.  Why would he be resting?  Had he had too much to eat/drink?  The overall impression was that he was OK.  I had to convince my logical mind.  I thought of the Reiki precept, ‘Just for today do not worry’…but it was kind of hard not to when you see your beloved laying down on the street!

I contacted his hotel, his employer and his colleagues, but no one had seen him.  And then, just as I was contemplating calling emergency departments, even though my intuition was saying he was OK, he called, explaining what had happened.

He and his colleague were celebrating his last day on the job, and went out for libations.  Apparently, they had a little much, and at some point, both decided to lay down in a park (near the street in the city center).  They ended up falling asleep!

I told him, “I saw that!  But I was confused, because the vibe I got wasn’t one in which you were injured, just kind of ‘out of it’…and I guess, that’s right!”.  Both their phone batteries had died, there was no other way for them to reach out until they had gotten to their hotel rooms.

The experience taught me what I’ve come to realize is a deep connection, and to trust it, even when the situation unfolding might seem otherwise.  I also did the practical thing afterwards and told him to make sure he always had a back-up plan for a phone call!

Anyway, musings and more from another chapter in time of my partnership….



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