Can a book channel evil?

I finally finished the biography on Steve Jobs and last night I had one of the most horrendous nightmares I have yet to experience.

I dreamed that the evilness that inhabited the Apple co-founder’s spirit ended up haunting my apartment and began to embody various objects:  first my Yoda doll, that is pre-recorded to say witty things like “May the Force be with you”, but in the case of the dream, it turned into a kind of Chucky nightmare and the doll said “I’ve been waiting for you”.

Then the evil spirit transferred to my cat Comet, urging me to light him on fire.  AAAHHH!!!

I woke up in a sweat, oriented back to reality and made sure my cat was safe, which of course, he was.

I was quite shaken up, so I had some tea, did some Reiki to calm down.

I had the passing thought that the logo for Apple is a bitten apple, like the one Eve bit into being tempted by Satan.  I had to stop thinking these thoughts.

But later this morning, I started to contemplate, ‘can a book channel evil’?  Is that why many have been banned and burned over the years?

It’s just a piece of paper with words, but the stories in this book I’ve reading, talk about the harsh treatment this guy did to his employees.  He had a narcissistic attitude towards the world and his family.

I don’t care what legacy he’s left behind with his iPhone/Tablet/Tunes products.  At what cost to humanity?

Destroying not only many lives of engineers and staffs forcing them to work 90 hour weeks to complete his mission.  Destroying his own body by pushing it to extreme limits of work.

I don’t think such harsh destruction of one’s psyche needs to happen in order to make change.  I know that change can be made without such force.

But back to the idea that a book can hold evil.  This book is a biography, but it contains quotes from the man in question.  It has an eerie photo of him staring back at you on the book jacket.  I removed this as soon as I got the book because I found it disturbing (maybe an early intuition).

Jobs was accused of manipulating others to do what he wanted with that stare.

Words and stories have power, and I don’t see why a book can’t also transmit them, especially when one is sensitive to energy.

I put the book outside on my patio until my partner, Richard, woke up and he asked me what it was doing out there.  I told him not to think I’m crazy, but that book has to leave.

Richard told me in his field, which is also computer science, he’s seen many ‘egomaniac CEO’s’ and could relate to my own feelings.  He agreed to take the book with him to work.  I’m not sure if that’s the right thing, but it’s out of my environment for now, which settles my nerves.

I think my work on this is to find compassion somewhere in this experience, but for now, I’m keeping a distance from anything Apple!

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