Building a table for two

After letting go of that book “that shall not be named” yesterday, I could feel things clearing up little by little.

I went for a three hour walk and sojourn through Santa Monica and Venice Beach, stopping off at the holistic center and bookstore where I’ll be doing Reiki work later this month and the next.

In my meanderings, I was able to find and buy an all-in-one tool to assemble the table-for-two we had purchased a few days back that still sat in pieces scattered about.

Richard wanted to ‘be the man’ and put it together, so I’ve learned, it’s ok to be supportive if someone else wants to do the work!

Instead, over the several hours it took, I sketched the room, the process of construction, and listened to some inspiring music.  It’s the first time I’ve sketched since coming to California over a week ago.

After the table and chairs were completed, we went shopping to fill our nearly-bare fridge and Richard surprise me with a bouquet of flowers.

“You need something inspiring after the roller-coaster ride you’ve been through with that book”, he said.

He kept going with the enthusiasm and even created a cat house out of the boxes the table and chairs had come in.

On the roof of our apartment building is a pool and Jacuzzi, so we took off our shoes and dipped our feet in the warm water of the spa as a finale to the creative evening.

As I look at the table and flowers this morning, I notice within myself I feel nurtured and cared for.  My space feels more like home.

Today, I’ll go for a meandering again, this time in the opposite direction, along the beach and up towards Malibu.

These towns I’m walking through all used to sound so far away to me when I was growing up on the East Coast.  I had my own idea about them:  Malibu Barbie and Ken had tans, golden hair and walked around in swimsuits.  Venice Beach was where Jim Morrison created the Doors,  Pachouli scented the air and the guys from muscle beach hung out.

Some of that aura is still here, but times have moved on.  Life can be challenging and yet, when you have a partner and a space to make your home come to life, I feel you can do and be anything.  Building a table-for-two is a physical example of that love and caring.

Today I’m walking forward in that gratitude and happy to be a creative visionary who promotes peace and healing through everything I do.


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