Becoming clearer with your intuition

Clear intuition is elegant, efficient, effortless, and effective.  Intuition illuminates and electrifies you from within; your personal passion, purpose, and power are awakened.  If you are lacking in these latter experiences, wait.  Don’t act on the information.  The guidance you are receiving may be wishful thinking or projections from the past.  Intuition always serves the good of the whole, yourself and others.

Ways of experiencing intuition:  (1st 3 are the most common):

  1. Instinctive intuition:  gut knowledge; natural—animals rely this
  2. Emotional intuition:  feeling knowledge; sensitive, psychic
  3. Creative intuition:  innovative knowledge; silent partner in creativity
  4. Systems intuition:  pattern knowledge; connective-marketing, public relations, investments, imbedded in patterns everywhere
  5. Visionary intuition:  precognitive knowledge; see how the future is
  6. Collaborative intuition:  unitive knowledge; all life is related, our actions effect each other deeply
  7. Universal intuition:  beyond knowledge;enlightened state of being

All energy comes from the infinite universe.  There are 7 levels through which energy passes from infinity to mankind.  The Spiral of Creation shows the course of physical and material manifestation.  All chi comes from infinity and passes through various stages of physicalization.  Infinity changes into positive and negative, yang and yin, which continue in an inward spiral movement toward material manifestation.  From infinity, chi continuously transforms from the world of vibration, to the states of pre-atomic particles, elements, the vegetable kingdom and the animal kingdom, of which human beings are the last creation.  From humankind, energy moves back outward on an expanding course, returning to one infinity.

Intuition comes from infinity.  It functions when resistance in the individual is absent.  Remove rigidity, which is a product of lifestyle, and naturally the openness necessary for intuition to flow is there.  Your investigation into your physical and psychological inflexibilities will naturally bring about the receptive state necessary for intuition to function.

Exercise in Intuition by Nancy Rosanoff

The first exercise is designed to build a bridge from your everyday, normal awareness to your intuitive, introspective mind. For this exercise, it is best not to read ahead, but to complete each step before moving on to the next.

Step 1: Clarify a particular question, situation, or decision you need more information about. Write it down.

Step 2: Give yourself a few moments to sit quietly, undisturbed while you reflect on your question.

Step 3: Walk around your home or office and pick up three objects (large or small) that grab your attention. Lay the objects out in a row, starting with the object that feels the most significant.

Step 4: Take a moment to breathe deeply, reminding yourself as you breathe that there is wisdom in your toes. With the next breath, remind yourself that there is wisdom in your legs, wisdom in your belly, and so on until you have gone through your whole body.

Step 5: Look at the first object and let this object symbolize the overview of your question or situation. This object is familiar; you know how and why it is used. How does this knowledge apply symbolically to your situation?

Now pretend this object is something you’ve never seen before. Look at its shape, color, size, and texture. What could it be used for? How does this relate symbolically to your question? Be sure to record all of your impressions.

Step 6: Take a few more deep breaths, reminding yourself again that all parts of you have wisdom, and look at the second object. Let this thing represent what may block you, what fear or resistance may emerge as you begin to follow your intuition.

Let the intuitive information emerge from within you as you look at the object, asking the question, “What can you tell me about my fear and resistance?” Intuitive information floats to the top of your consciousness from deep within you. Write down all of your impressions.

Step 7: Breathe again, tapping into the wisdom within and look at the third object. This item will represent the possible action you could take. Let the object communicate to you symbolically. Imagine yourself as this object. How would you like to move? What is the most appropriate action to take?


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