Creating the Portable Home for the Journey Ahead

I just spoke with my dear friend Trudy, who’s been travelling around the world as an acupuncturist on a cruise ship for the past year.  I’ve always been amazed at her bravery to jump into that unknown and live life on the high seas.

Travel and journeying are for me the highlights of gaining additional insight and experiences to being on a spiritual path.  Whenever those opportunities come up, I usually jump at the chance.

My parents installed the travel bug in me when I was only months old taking my first plane trip to Florida from NJ.  From there, throughout my childhood, I went all around the world with them.

As a young adult, I backpacked and travelled through the world a second time, staying in youth hostels and with the Servas organization where you meet locals in their countries and are able to be a house guest for days at a time.

Before settling down, I moved to various cities, often living in tiny apartments.  Throughout all that experience, I had to make my space have some quality of feeling like home.

Since Reiki is the ultimate portable method in self-healing, it always went along, a pleasant and relaxing technique to use at the end of the day.

CD players became iPods, so the music that went with me also became more portable.  Internet went from cafes to Wi-Fi to 4G.

Burning scented candles and incense, when that was allowed wherever I was, also served as a grounding tool, adding to the ambiance of sacred space.

This current sojourn, in Southern CA, I went so far as to take my 2 cats along with me, and although for all of us, it’s been an adjustment, those little furry friends have been some of the most loving influences to my portable home.

I’ve mentioned this in a prior blog, but having a routine each day has also helped in creating structure for a new life.  When I’ve been ‘on the road’ just the simple act of eating 3 meals a day, also keeps me in touch with my own biorhythms.

Writing, blogging and sketching also help to bring focus and clarity to the changes that seem to speed up when one is taken out of their ‘normal’ surroundings too.

Today I go on a short journey to the lovely hills and beaches in Malibu.  Feeling called to explore them, I yield to my intuition that is urging me there.

Having a sanctuary to return to offers an anchor for me to discover what only one can encounter roaming beyond the comfort zone of a portable home.

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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 17:21:53

    You are living my joy, what I have called, “living at the pace of intuition”. You shouldn’t move faster than you can intuit what is best for you, or what path to follow. Also, exploring the hills for me gives me the time and space to clear my head. I send my love and support as you make your Reiki way.

  2. Marty Wurst
    Dec 02, 2011 @ 20:28:45

    Being Americans your mom and I were so fortunate to be have lived abroad while I served our county. That time instilled in us our desire to travel. Of course it became so natural for us take you with us at such a tender age on our adventures world wide. As your grandmother once said to me, ” Why don’t you go around the world and get it over with”. Well daughter, you have. We are so proud of you.

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