Surviving Ordinary Reality

Tropical, sunny places are not my forte.   There is a reason Seattle is my home base.

I know others really love the sun and ‘fun’, and I’m ok to vacation there but to live, ugh, it’s quite a trial and tribulation.

So how do you survive it?  How about how do you thrive in it?

One thing I often do is find my cynicism starts to go to work.  It’s a warped sense of humor about the surroundings.  It makes them bearable.

Malibu became Malibothell, there’s a town in Washington state, Bothell, that’s out of the city, with a pseudo-farm like atmosphere with cutesy shops.  Malibu is a bit more high end, but I felt I needed to knock it down a few notches.  Call it out for what it is.

Santa Monica became Santmonotonous…street after street of shops, normalicy.

Venice Beach, although it’s got character, has an undercurrent that’s not exactly pleasant or safe, so it became Vengence Beach.

For that matter, Los Angeles is like Lost Anklets, shiny dreams that are overshadowed by people’s delusions.

This is not my cup of tea.  And on that note, I’ve had many cups of both tea and coffee here, and like the food as a whole, it’s not fulfilling.

For all that the area claims to offer, it’s lacking substance.  But it must be here somewhere, beyond ordinary reality.

The bits of non-ordinary I’ve been able to view through some holistic bookstores and some practitioners I’ve met, seem really superficial.

My coping mechanism tends to become introverted when I’m surrounded by an environment I don’t know how to relate to.  I just pull inward and subsequently, have a lot to contemplate.

And so with contemplation comes writing and with writing comes blogging.

I’m contemplating writing a survival guide for ordinary reality.  I’ve got some ideas, some things that work, others, well, I’m still testing them out.

Found this cool community center right on the beach that has city-wide Wi-Fi, I’m finding shelter from the sun by a snow spray-painted Christmas tree, it’s a start.

For now, I’m collecting ideas, so all are welcome!

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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 03, 2011 @ 14:57:00

    I agree with you about the Northwest. As a child, I lived in Redding Ca.. It had all the small city/town charm you could handle but at 100 plus temps and nearly no humidity all summer long, I have always welcomed our soggy greeness.

    Our intercity trail system cant be beat, minutes from ski and snow is excellent. I enjoy the lack of venomous critters (on the west side). Seattle is becoming a terrific mecca for metaphysical people and those who love us.

    Between the grunge age and the global warming liberal conspiritors, we’re becoming a warmly bohemian bunch of warm and cozy tree huggers. Having been to LA, Orlando, SanFran… well thats about it for a homebody.

    Really though, who doesn’t like a little gluttony? So occasionally I’ll treat myself to holiday shopping at Bel Square or Lincoln Plaza, or I’ll drive a dirty car through Medina or Laurelhurst (while making helecopter sounds). That’s my evil side coming out. Or best of all hanging out after hours on the Kirkland waterfront might give you the Saucolito experience.

    But, I’m with you ! I’m not a native but I’ll stay put for now in our sleepy damp little town. The vibration is high but so are my spirits.



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