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Starting 12/8 from 8-9am PST, I’ll be facilitating a Distant Reiki Healing Group. Reiki 2 and advanced students welcome to attend remotely and share feedback.  Here’s info on how it works.

We will focus on various world, environmental and social events as well as respond to individual requests.
Feel free to check out my Facebook page and daily blog for impressions and insight.
For specific requests, please email by the Wednesday before.
If you are interested in your own session or one for a loved one, you can schedule an individual appointment here.

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  1. Bruce
    Dec 06, 2011 @ 10:58:50

    It was great to read about your distant healing description and plans.

    Quantum physicists call the “distance” phenomenon “Bilocality” which I am quite amused by. I see this label as an attempt to perceive quantum phenomenon from the stale perspective of classical or Newtonian physics.

    In experiments, quantum physicists separate “twin” particles (particles spinning at the same speeds in the same directions) by large amounts of “space” or distance. Regardless of how much “space” or distance they are separated by, when they affect one the other continues to behave as if the particles are still “close” together.

    If they slow one down, the other slows as well.

    The fact is that modern physicists have FINALLY admitted that they do not know what “space” is and that when they separate particles with that “space” that is why they do not see an effect. The particles are not “fooled” by the space, however many physicists are. Most are very surprised by this phenomenon as their perspective is still “Newtonian”.

    Similarly, no modern physicist knows what “time” is. They do not know how it behaves, they cannot define it, though we all live our lives as if we do know. Reiki can help us to observe and perhaps resolve this “corporate insanity”.

    There is a book called “Einstein’s Dreams” that details different ways to perceive time and how that would affect a community of people. Perhaps time “flows” from the future, through the present, into the past. Perhaps time flows in a circle, or a spiral, or does not “flow” at all! The fact that our “experience” affirms that the “arrow of time” (as Roger Penrose calls it) seems to flow from the past, through the present, and into the future, may actually be that we are perceiving events in that way.
    Perhaps we should open our minds and realize that things may not be that way at all.

    Most of think of the present as a narrow slice of experience between the past and the future. Perhaps we can open our minds to the possibility that the present moment is far wider and contains quite more of the “past” and “future” than we perceive. If our perception of reality narrows our vision, perhaps broadening that vision will enhance our experience. I think that is what Jesus meant when he frequently declared that we had “little faith”. Perhaps a great translation of that is that we have a “narrow perspective”.

    The practice and study of Reiki can ENLARGE this perspective, and make our live much more miraculous and magical.

    Getting back to the very real fact that distance Reiki “works” (I hesitate to use either the word “healing” or “energy”). This is surprising ONLY when we have the insane notion that we know how time or space “works” or we think we know what these concepts are.

    We do NOT know how time and space “work”, and “stepping out” of that knowing may very well enlighten us all.

    The Tao Te Ching defines quantum physics from the perspective of the ancient Chinese wisdom. The Hindu Vedas do as well. If you ever need any references from current quantum physics, the Tao, or the Vedas, please let me know. I am always happy to affirm the relationship between the ancient mystical writings and the current “discoveries” of modern physics.

    Bruce Magnotti

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