Where we’re sending distant Reiki today

Thursday is our second gathering of sending distant healing as a united group all around the world to various targets needing light from 8-9am PST.

The first target I’d like to send to the victims and families of the massacre in Belgium.  To the promotion of peace in a violent world.  To promoting a shift in consciousness that is not terror-centered.  Let’s send for 15 minutes or so.

After that target, I’d like to send to advances in cancer research.  A new study said that 1/3 of all women with breast cancer abandon treatment because of the severity of side effects.  How about more promotion of healing modalities like Reiki as adjunct treatments?.  How about another 15 minutes.

The remaining 30 minutes, let’s include issues relevant to our own communities. 

I’d like to send to the expansion of Reiki practice and training on the West Coast.  15 minutes.

Then finally, the last 15, let’s send to family members, friends, our own situations needing light.

Regardless of where you send, just tuning in will bring light to the intentions set forth.

I’ll be checking in via FB and also on my email at reikitrainingprogram@gmail.com.

Looking forward to the journey!

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