Birds of a feather flock together

With those of us who practice Reiki, we tend to find each other, the same way birds will often flock and ‘hang out’ like these pigeons and seagulls.

They remind me, like my own group I align with, that there is ‘comfort in numbers’ with others who share similar ideas and views about the world like raising consciousness, practicing a healthy lifestyle, taking time to go within and of course, work with healing modalities.

What I loved about seeing this group of birds was that they were so content just preening themselves in the sun, taking a nap, inhaling the sea air.  Humans walked passed and they didn’t flinch.  They were in their own content bubble.

Whenever I’ve been involved in a Reiki circle or class, by the end of the event, that bubble is very palpable too.  We’ve channeled Reiki for hours and at the end we are swimming in a supportive and nurturing pool of energy.

When I’m not in the group, and practicing on my own, I sometimes feel like the lone carrier pigeon.  I’m dedicated to the cause even without my tribe physically present.

But the ‘energy bubble’ is different because it’s self-induced.  I’m working on connecting to other practitioners across space and time to expand that bubble a bit, and I’ve attuned both my cats, who sometimes cooperate in creating a healing circle.

Without the physical group, I’m left to create my own sanctuary and structure.  I end up writing and daydreaming a lot about how to create spiritual sustainable community!

I’m looking forward to heading back to Seattle for a few weeks to recharge in the spiritual community there I have nurtured and am connected to.

But in the meantime, I like going out and seeing those flocks of birds.  They remind me of what is possible and share with me a little of their own contentment.  I find myself chirping inside….


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