Embracing the sound of silence

I think I’m addicted to silence.  Or more accurately, the absence of persistent city noise. The noise between noise flows through my whole body the same way Reiki does and when I let myself flow into that noise it’s like a ‘happy’ drug flowing all the way through me.

Christmas Day is only one of those days in a city where everything goes really quiet.  Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day a close second.  I have just been soaking up this cocoon of silence like piling up pillows all around me.

So much easier to meditate.  The nervous system calms down.  The intuition is easier to hear.  This is a reason why the Reiki sanctuary, to me, is my sacred dwelling, and I miss it when I’m away for long stretches of time.

I’m also preparing in this quiet ‘before the storm’.  For the next week, the sanctuary will be filled with the activities of my partner’s children, playing about, enjoying the space and having friends come and go.

It feels like the house is also getting ready, expanding itself on some level to hold all that extra energy that will be living within it.

The sanctuary space is getting ready to ‘hold space’!

To accommodate everyone, I’ve relinquished my Reiki room for a week, bringing all my sacred objects into my own bedroom and surrounded by these familiar sights of my practice, my own aches and pains are seeming to dissipate.  I’m resting in my own treatment room!  Why didn’t I think of this before?!!!

To duplicate the silence in the midst of activity I do have a solution:  An incredible pair of noise cancelling headphones that with the click of a switch take out almost all extraneous noise.  I wear them a lot when I’m down in Los Angeles, on airplanes, and now, they will be my enclave for morning meditations.

But for now, without the headphones, without anyone in the sanctuary (yet), I embrace this silence from head to toe, swimming in the space between space and the molecules of Reiki that pass through.

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