Play for peace

When there is tension, angst, unresolved emotions with kids and adults, here’s a simple cure to get the energy flowing in a positive direction:

  1.  Create a space where creative havoc can ensue, warning:  make sure you don’t care about things getting messy
  2. Stock with munchies like potato chips, goldfish and root beer
  3. Have lot’s of art supplies on hand:  paint, brushes, paper, canvas, etc.
  4. Start the process of painting, drawing and playing music
  5. Have no attachment to result
  6. Have musical instruments if possible (and having didjeridoos is a plus)
  7. Recorded fun music is also a good idea
  8. Old machines, like typewriters and adding machines might just add to the mayhem
  9. If you’ve got those old machines, make sure you have plenty of paper on hand
  10. Type a few words, some prose perhaps
  11. Then, tear up the paper and make ‘snowballs’
  12. Have a snowball fight while you are painting your heart out
  13. Laugh!
  14. And laugh loudly with abandon
  15. Be silly and be fearless in being silly
  16. Look like a fool and enjoy it
  17. Roll around, dance, and shake it out
  18. Feel how good that is
  19. Soak in the energy of release
  20. Enjoy the peace that follows

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