The unity of Seattle Snowmaggedon 2012

This is the second big snowstorm for Seattle I’ve gotten to witness from afar.  But I’m wondering (and hoping) it’s not as drastic as the news is making it out to be.

It’s curious to me that the city planners, who know, that this Emerald city occasionally goes ‘white’ might invest a bit more in some infrastructure so as not to make the whole Puget Sound shut down if a few more inches fall.

That being ranted, I will say this about what happens to my town when the snow falls.  It’s like when the sun shines here:  it brings everyone together in celebration (or commentary) on the weather.  And I’m not just talking in a passing “Nice Day” kind of way.

The weather is part of the Northwest culture.  It’s part of our identity, our spirit, so I think that’s why we all like to talk about (her?) in the passionate ways we do.

I’ve lived on the Northeast where we tend to have a less personal relationship to the weather.  We curse her (ok, going with the feminine in honor of Mother Nature) when it’s ‘annoying’ and take her for granted when it’s nice out.  In the Southwest and in L.A., it seems similar.

In the Northwest, the weather gets into your pores.  Through the mist, the rain and the brilliant sunshine that happens only so often in the summer.  Mix that with the fragrance of evergreens and the salt of the Salish Sea, and your are pretty much baptized by weather wherever you go.

So is the snow going to blanket the Sound?  I know businesses and those needing to get to work aren’t going to like my answer, by hope it does, to a degree.  We all know it doesn’t last, like in other parts of the world, so it will eventually go away.  But while that soft white coat of snow covers the town, a bit of unity and silence envelope the world.

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