Embrace the water goddess

The power of water to transmute, cleanse and purify is respected all around the world.  Every day we pay homage to her when we take a bath or shower, wash our clothes, our dishes and imbibe the substance that we are mostly made of.

But we usually go about life unconscious to the role water plays in our lives.  When it rains or snows, we seek shelter.  When we think about water, it’s just ‘there’.

Making communion with water is a way to open the realm of magic and mystery the goddess has in store for us.

Having lived in the Northwest for years, I have hiked and walked many a path in the pouring rain.  When I am intentionally wanting to be transformed through the rain, I let her fall all the way through each layer of clothes, melding my own perception of the exterior with my own sense of self.

At times, I have even walked right into a lake with all my clothes on to experience the full cleanse of what water can do.  Word to the wise:  do this only if you have a spare pair and it’s not too cold!

In the snow, the goddess lies very silent, but her embrace is all encompassing and encourages one to go within and be still while whispers of snowflakes fall down around you.

Meditating specifically by a body of water, an ocean, lake or stream is another way of tuning into the fluidity of reality and the connection all of us have by this liquid all around us.

My Reiki community performed a series of water blessings for a river polluted by industry, the Duwamish for over a year.  Each month we would come to her shores and offer light and love for her healing.  The response from both the wildlife and the nature that surrounded her was always with gratitude.

Whether you perform a ritual so formally, or individually is up to you, but it is another way of honoring this life force that sustains.

Having a bubbling water fountain indoors is another way of bringing the trickling sound of her laughter in your surroundings.

Finally, being very mindful in drinking that glass of water, as it is the source of life, can be a totally transformative experience.  You can’t focus on the ‘taste’, but you can focus on the experience of being hydrated, nurtured, and supported by two simple elements that are part of the divine that you are.

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