Distant Healing Targets for 1/26/12

On Thursday, 1/26/12 from 8-9am PST we will be sending Reiki to the following targets:

20 minutes to the Gulf of Mexico where there is a ‘dead zone’ possibly from the 2010 spill and the Mississippi River Basin run-off causing abnormalities in fish making females develop male testes.  Similar to the work we have done with the Duwamish River in Seattle, offering Reiki light to cleanse the waters for all the creatures that inhabit them.

20 minutes to all who are involved and receive the benefits of scientific research such as stem cell treatments helping to regenerate tissue in the eye to allow patients to see.

20 minutes to our own communities, family, friends and loved ones in need of healing light.

Remember to check in on FB if you have various impressions or requests.

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