After the Crisis the Calm

So, after the big survival event is over, whatever that might be for you, making a move, ending a relationship, basically getting out of the way of perceived danger, what do you do?

Embrace the calm.  But ahh, easier said than done.  If you are used to a life that is constantly one crisis after another, one upheaval only to be superseded by another, how do you exist in the calm that naturally follows?

Your nervous system has been heightened, your biochemical enzymes that produce the fight or flight within are still swirling around.

It’s easy for me to say, well, do some Reiki and come back to your center.  But that’s not always the easiest technique to use, especially if your mind is still running a mile a minute, surveying the environment for the next possible stressor.

But it’s worth a shot, the Reiki technique, that is.  And if you find, after 20 minutes of applying hands-on healing you are still no better off than before, my suggestion is to use the nervous energy that is still swirling about and do something with it.

That might take the activity of cleaning or clearing your space.  It’s like taking stock of where you are, piece by piece.  Maybe it’s sorting through all the papers you had to grab with you when you were fired from the job.  Maybe it’s sorting through a box of belongings your ex dumped on your doorstep.

If neither applies, clear out your closets.  What doesn’t fit you any more or what don’t you wear?  Use the energy and start to clear space.  Open space allows for more calm.  Clutter promotes anxiety.

Maybe, just maybe, as you sort through things you realize you’ve put some tasks on the back burner because you were too busy dealing with the impending doom to care about much else.

What needs your attention now?  It’s an exercise in getting back to basics and utilizing the remaining angst for productive outcome.

Still don’t have the focus for this?  Take the angst into the physical realm and go for a jog, run, swim, lift some weights.  The energy that remains has to go somewhere, and stirring up inside you is like being in a perpetual gerbil wheel.  Step off the track and watch what happens.

Getting back to calm continues tomorrow…

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