Crisis=danger + opportunity

Assuming you’ve exercised some options to disperse that extra energy, you might find coming back to calm a bit boring, maybe even blasé.  Sure, it was exciting when things were crashing around you, when ordinary reality was seeming way too much to endure, but now that there is no looming threat, what are you going to do with yourself?

Can you breathe in the moment of pause?  Can you give yourself an opportunity for a break?

If the answer is still ‘no’, then here are some other thoughts and suggestions to try to come around to center.

Literally try running around in a circle.  That’s right.  Maybe right in the middle of your room, or if you want to be more daring (because remember, that angsty survival energy likes to be dared), try going out to the park or beach or even a parking lot and run around in a circle.  Get a little dizzy.

It’s a kind of homeopathic remedy for the inner turmoil that is still there.  In homeopathy, like cures like.  So if you still feel you are spinning, well, treat it with a spin.

If you’ve got a friend or alibi who’s been a part of the spin, hold hands with them and spin together.  This doesn’t have to be work, that’s not the point, make it fun.

Then after the spin, slowly stop.  Enjoy the return to equilibrium as you arrive back to a still place.  Ahh, maybe now is the time for some quiet Reiki or reflection.  Now that the last bit of excess energy has been discharged.  What’s that like?

This place, in between the turmoil and the next phase is inherently a waiting and seemingly non-moving place.  That’s why it might seem uninteresting and in need of being filled with the next ‘big event’.

But it’s just a temporary place where a lot of ‘rewiring’ is going on.  And the next ‘episode’ may not be a crisis.  It can just as easily turn into a new project, direction or relationship.

Give yourself permission to wait.  To see what might develop.  Go back to sorting and clearing things, working on older projects, calling friends, but not in a need to ‘make something happen’, simply, explore these new surroundings.

Maybe even make a list, if you like lists, how is this place different than where you were before?  Completely different?  Wow, treat yourself to the fact you are now on a new adventure.  It’s certainly not the same place.  Enjoy the new terrain.  Maybe you even literally and figuratively need a new pair of shoes.

Everyone’s waiting period is a different length of time.  And as they say, ‘time is an illusion’.  For one, it might feel like eternity, for others, a blink of the eye.

Just as the crisis came to an end, so will this, so what do you want to do now that the river of your life has become manageable?

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