Crusing down the River of Calm

 I know, you are saying, “I can’t find calm!  It’s easy for you, a Reiki master, you live in calm.” Hah.  Hah and ha.  It couldn’t be farther from the truth, but I will say this, I have learned to appreciate when the river of calm presents itself.

I take my favorite book (at the moment) with me, a diet Coke or lemonade (depending on my mood), cuddle up with cats, and give myself permission to just chill.

Depending on my schedule, that might only mean 20 minutes.  Maybe it’s several hours at the end of a full day.  Maybe, just maybe, I can even take a whole day and totally devote the experience to swimming in pure, unadulterated calmness.  Aaaaahhhhh, like floating in the turquoise seas of the Caribbean.  Utterly tranquil.

I hear the arguments already.  “I have a family to support” or “There’s no time in my day for this”.  Then, I would argue back that you are still in survival mode and have not shifted to that next place.

In order to thrive, survival has to come to a pause.  Only in survival, you are literally living in fear.  Thriving is realizing that yes, there is fear, but for this moment, for this hour, for this day, I’m choosing not to direct my attention there, but instead, to this place of pause.  Honor the pause.

Just say that phrase.  Try it.  How does that make you feel?

Ok, now, expand it a little bit more, go ahead, 5 more minutes of honoring the pause will not detrimentally impact your current circumstance.

Can you go for another 5 more?

You are half-way to 20 minutes.  Look at that.  Practice some more.

Integrate this way of thriving into each day and you’ll begin to see there is more room for calmness, more room to float on the river, to be supported because you’ve let go of fear.

You will switch being in the survival mode of ordinary reality to the thriving mode of both ordinary and non-ordinary reality, and that, my friend, is where the magic truly begins.

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