Distant Healing Targets for 2/2/12

Each week it seems that more and more tragedies happen, unfortunately.  I’m a subscriber to the Good News Network to keep it all in balance.

Once again, this Thursday, 2/2/12, we have the opportunity to shine some light into the darkness.  Join us from 8-9am PST (or send ahead of time!).

So on the list of latest events, 60 people have died (if not more by now) due to freezing temperatures hitting Eastern Europe.  I think freezing to death is a horrible way to die. I’d like to devote the first 20 minutes to sending to these individuals, their families and communities they lived in.

The next 20 minutes to the UN passing a revolution for the violence in Syria to stop.  An estimated 5,400 people have been killed since last year.  Let’s hope some peace can come forth.

Lastly, as always, important to send to our friends, families and neighbors at home who are in need.  Let’s spend the last 20 minutes offering light for their best and highest good.

Thank you for tuning in, and you can read comments on FB as well as send individual requests.

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