Why my book should be traditionally published

In five years there will be an estimated 10 million Reiki practitioners in the world.  Reiki, the Japanese art of hands-on-healing has evolved from an obscure self-help technique to an alternative form of healing now offered in both major hospitals and within veterans groups as adjunct therapy.

Yet, with the evolution of this technique, the vast majority of books on the market about Reiki explain only the method and ignore the fact that Reiki is an emerging profession that can complement the mainstream.  Touching the World Through Reiki is the inspirational book that provides guidance, encouragement and tools for the budding Reiki practitioner and student to take their practice further and wider into fulfilling this vocation.

Touching the World Through Reiki outlines a series of powerful tools for the Reiki practitioner that have helped over a thousand Reiki professionals successfully integrate Reiki into their work and life.

Each chapter focuses on real-life stories gained from the author and alumni of her Reiki school which encompasses over 15 years of practical experience in how to take Reiki further.  Touching the World Through Reiki offers guidance and experience in approaching the medical system, corporate America, working with veterans and families in crisis, taking Reiki into the entertainment industry as well as the environment,  creating a state-certified vocational school of Reiki, cultivating a private practice and finding new markets to expand Reiki beyond its traditional role.

Initially self-published in November 2010, it has since sold over 1300 hard copies and has evolved into a second edition on e-book format.  It is currently in the National Library of Congress.

It has received reviews and publicity from traditionally published authors, such as Nina L. Paul of Reiki for Dummies as well as author exposure on NPR.  The book has sold out at over 20 bookstores across the country in the 2010-11 book tour and continues to sell in the hundreds of classes and events offered each year by branch campuses of the author’s Reiki Training Program in Seattle, Spokane, Los Angeles and Phoenix.


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