Painting the chakras

Leave it to one’s creativity to come up with a fun and sometimes challenging project like painting the chakras.

It started with an urge to get back into painting, then a trip to the art store (that just happened to be having a half-off sale on a set of 7 canvases and primary colors), finding a quiet place in the sun and…..voila!

Well, like I said, it’s been both fun an challenging.  I started logically with the 1st chakra, the root.  It’s color is traditionally red, so I created all kinds of shades, added multiple petals, swirls, dashes, and after three hours of trying to paint the root chakra, I basically had a painting that well, looked like I had been trying too hard.

Is that a message from the base of my being?  Do I try too hard?  When I finish this first set, I’m going to go back and do them again and see what happens, so maybe I’ll have my answer then.

Next came, logically again, the 2nd chakra, the sacral center.  The source of passion, creativity.  It’s color is orange.  So, instead of trying so hard, I just felt my creativity flow, fully present into curving flower petals, broad strokes, washes of color.  The passion lasted 20 minutes, which, if I think of other areas of my life, hmm, might be right.   What’s that trying to say?:)

My last piece so far, completed yesterday, was the solar plexus.  I actually delayed painting a few days for this one, because I just ‘couldn’t feel it’.  Then I spent a whole day working on a book proposal, felt my conviction and knew it was time to get the yellow out.

Now, usually, I’m not a big fan of the color yellow, but in doing this one, I really couldn’t get enough.  It initially started as a big sun, like I made back when I was 5 or so.  Then dashes of red, purple, green wanted to peek forth, in some places mixing and becoming orange and pink.

When I was done (this was another 3 hour endeavor without being ‘hard’ but ‘fun’), I felt good about what had come forth, hence being brave enough to post the picture to this blog.  I felt confidence.  Clearly, this chakra seems to have cleared the most so far.

I highly recommend this as an exercise.  I can’t believe I’ve never tried it before.

Having ‘worked’ those three chakras, I’m feeling ready to see forth what bursts from my heart.  Luckily, the weather will hold out for awhile, so I’ll have my quiet patio table to delve back into the process.

I can see this evolving into a workshop at some point, it’s really very cleansing and insightful.  Beautiful, really, in it’s simplicity.


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  1. yogawithtamara
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 08:26:25

    This is a great idea! I can’t wait to try it myself 🙂

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