Nothing more to say

There’s nothing more to say to a client who has decided it’s time to leave this world.  I’ve been working with several who are dealing with end-of-life issues and it’s never a predictable journey for me or them.  I hold space, I listen, I ask if there is anything else they need to do in preparation for their transition.  But at the end of it, when it’s their time, they will go.

What I’ve witnessed is that when someone is in the process of dying, they often float through the stages of grief:  denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.  Not in a linear way, but back and forth, being upset, then being depressed, then seeing if there is anything else they can do to stay on earth.  When they reach acceptance, if they do, it’s a different place.  There isn’t any more fighting.  It’s a strange place of calm.

I perceive it too, like being a companion on a journey.  The end is now here.  Is it filled with light?  If I close my eyes, I see something like light, but not in the celestial way.   From my view, it’s like looking out across a great lake in the day time.  I stand on the shore with them, and we say goodbye as they enter the lake.

It leaves me with a sense of bittersweet.  I feel sad that my clients have gone, and I have my own beliefs of where a soul goes after its no longer in physical form.  But they are only beliefs.  I don’t have any concrete evidence, so in a way, I find myself in a place of not-knowing, staring at the vast lake.

Am I feeling sad for the passing or for the not-knowing of what lies beyond?  Sad that I’ll never see them again in the way I knew them?

I give space for the possibility of another connection, on the spirit level.  I stare out across the expanse and have nothing more to say.


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