All because two people fell in love

From 2011, so good wanted to post again:  For Valentine’s Day this year my honey told me he was taking art classes to craft something for me.  I thought, oh cute, a heart-shaped box or something similar.   After the first class, he was tired and smelled of iron filaments and he confessed he was taking an ornamental iron class.  I was curious.  Was he making a wall bracket?  Garden pot holder?  It seemed like a lot of work, but he was determined and told me to be patient, I’d see soon enough.  Years ago he had worked with steel in the construction of buildings, so I knew he wouldn’t hurt himself, but that he would put his all into whatever he created.

After the last class, he came home grinning and proud.  He presented me with this beautiful wrought iron rose that originated from a single straight dowel of iron, pounded, heated and shaped into its exquisite form.  It’s the most beautiful Valentine’s gift I have ever received.  Made from intention born out of love and crafted with devotion to represent our eternal bond.

The photo doesn’t do the art piece justice, the leaves are very detailed and there is much texture and variation in the color.  I’m so honored!

My gift to him was our lovely sanctuary of our new bed and beautiful frame.  Hand crafted in the sense that I had earned and saved through my hands-on work with Reiki to purchase it.   Above it, I placed a hand painted sign that reads “All because two people fell in love”.

It’s the true power that changes and shapes the world.  Happy Valentine’s!


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