Sending Reiki to the Marine Food Chain on 2/16

Lets take the first 20 minutes and contemplate our own choices with seafood as well as to the creatures that represent the diet for so much of the world.

When you eat seafood, what impact are you having on the ocean and its interdependent and increasingly vulnerable marine population? Today’s health, safety, and sustainability considerations can make it complicated to determine the best seafood choices for you and your family. This interactive guide compiles all the information you need to continue to eat healthfully while lowering your seafood footprint. Use it to find out where your favorite fish ranks in sustainability, toxicity, and omega-3 content, as well its place in the food chain—and why it matters.

From there, the next 20 minutes, lets focus on the health and clarity of the oceans and also respect for the power of the water that comprises the majority of this planet.

Last 20 minutes, as always, sent to ourselves, our family, friends and loved ones in need.

Check FB for updates and see you on the Reiki wave!



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