Comet has his own Facebook page

My beloved Russian Blue cat Comet now has his own FB page.  It was really his idea, of course.

One day, while he was sprawled out on his favorite blanket he gave me a knowing glance with his golden eyes and said, “You should write for me”.

I tried to argue, telling him that I’ve got way to many other things to write, manage and take care of (not to mention his own care of feeding and changing litterboxes), but he simply sniffed and said, “I see you on that Facebook page every day, talking about your own experiences, posting photos, and you know, you aren’t as important as you think you are”.

I had to stop for a moment.  Comet was right.  I could justify my own Facebook postings saying that I’m usually pretty mindful of what I post, tending towards those things that are inspirational, humorous or motivational….but they all do come out of my own mind, and well, maybe I had to give a little space for this great big gray feline friend of mine.

So with a few clicks, his page is up.  He likes the main photo, “That’s my statement about computers”, he tells me.

His idea for the page are various posts on wit and humor from a cat’s point of view.  “We really don’t get the respect we deserve”, he tells me.

I wasn’t sure how to mention this to him, but he does co-habitate with another cat in our household, the more demure and sweet female kitty Suki.

As if he was reading my mind, Comet said, “Don’t even think about having her share the FB page with me.  She can have her own”.  And that was that.

But since Comet is relying on me to type his entries, (he tells me soon cats will be able to think their thoughts and they will appear on screen, they are working on it in the collective cat consciousness) I might sneak a few photos and thoughts Suki might have to share.

As if on cue, Comet says, “Fine, post a photo of her, but she doesn’t have nearly the charm or charisma I have.”

We’ll see Comet.  This is really a social experiment.  I’m just going off of what you hinted at what you wanted.

“You don’t mean hinted at, you mean told you what to do.”

Ah yes, life with a monarch cat.


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