Sending Distant Reiki to Technologies that Help the World

Often Reiki practitioners like the practice of the healing art because it doesn’t involved any additional technologies, or ‘batteries’, as I like to say.

But for this week’s practice 2/23 8-9am , I’d like to focus on sending light to all the scientists, engineers, inventors, designers and companies that are actively attempting to make the world a better place through technology.

For the first 20 minutes, we return back to the ocean, where engineers are making ‘bubble curtains’ to minimize the devistating effects that human-induced sound has on sea animals. Offshore drilling, commercial fishing, etc. all have had detrimental effects on marine life. This invention promises to help lessen the impact.

The next 20 minutes, here are a few new technologies helping people in the world, the first, an app for touchscreens that allows blind people to type in braille, and how digital tools such as texting, Facebook and Twitter, are saving world languages from going extinct.

Finally, as always, our final 20 minutes are to our friends, families and loved ones who need some extra Universal Energy in their lives.

Thank you for being part of another group distant healing!  To be part of the group each week, login to the Reiki meetup group.

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  1. Four Winds Reiki
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 22:43:59

    This is an absolutely great idea. Anyone working with Reiki knows that the energy can be channelled to person, place, issue, time, dimension. I would agree that since technology is prominent in our lifetime and often in ways that ultimately prove to be somewhat destructive, why not send energy so that the products of our intelligence be put to the best possible use in helping our fellow man and planet!

    I value reading your blog entry Eileen as it is a wonderful reminder that the only limitations in this life are the ones we place upon ourselves.

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