Getting ready for the road

In a few days, we say good-bye to L.A. and begin our sojourn north back to the Reiki sanctuary in Seattle.  Right now, everything in my apartment looks completely intact, with cats dozing and coffee brewing.  But soon, the movement of ‘stuff’ will begin to stir up the energy here.

Going on the road is always exciting for me.  I’m a travel junkie, actually, part of my desire to come down to L.A., even if it’s not completely my kind of town.  It’s another opportunity to see the world, see how people live and what’s important to them day-to-day.

I told my friends before I left that some people go on grand journeys to India or trek through Nepal to find insight.  I can honestly say it’s possible to get perspective right in the middle of a metropolis like Los Angeles.  Not for the faint of heart, however.

You don’t have the luxury of a quiet mountain retreat in which to meditate.  Instead, your meditations and reflections are embracing the noise, chaos and materialism that is all around you.  Kind of like doing a fire walk.

In getting things ready for the road, I can’t say I’m sad to leave, because I know I’ll be back, having established connections here for the satellite of the Reiki Training Program.

I know when I return to Seattle, much will have shifted, and that will take time to adjust to.  Many Reiki Fellowship colleagues, Melanie Carey, Kelly Glab, Dena Marie, Jen Yost and Tom Brophy took over teaching and logistical details in my absence and all stepped up to the plate in their efforts.  I’m very grateful for their contributions.

On the road, a different kind of journey takes place.  This one seems to develop with each passing mile.  Often, it involves enlightening conversation with my life partner, Richard, as we see something that triggers a dive into a talk we’ve yet to have.  Other times, just gazing out at rolling fields, deserts, mountains, the space around me offers wisdom from the depths of nature.  And occasionally, the constant meowing of my cats in the back seat, remind me of the very present reality and their own discomfort of being enclosed in carriers for six hours at a time.

Ah yes, all the facets of travel.  I’ll be posting more insights to FB and Twitter than this blog, as my ‘feature phone’ allows….can’t wait for the discoveries ahead.

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  1. Regina
    Feb 27, 2012 @ 13:19:17

    I really enjoy your writing! Looking forward to your safe return 🙂

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