Sending Distant Healing to the Changes in the World 3/1/12

The only constant is change. The world is always changing, as are our own lives. I’d like to dedicate this week’s distant healing from 8-9am PST towards infusing change with great Reiki light.

The first 20 minutes to infuse the whole entire planet, beautiful earth, with radiant light to support all the geological, botanical and biological changes that occur each and every day to bring forth all the diversity that exists nowhere else in the Universe.

The next 20 minutes to our own country, that constantly is in flux on economic, social, cultural, educational and personal levels. Letting light infuse for greatest harmony.

Lastly, 20 minutes towards all the changes in our own and our friends and families lives to help them and us be able to see ‘the forest for the trees’.

Thanks again! For details and comments, check out FB this morning.

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