Sending Distant Healing to the Fresh Water in the World 8-9am

  We live on a planet covered by water but nearly 97% is salt water, 2% is locked in snow and ice which leaves only 1% for our crops and consumption.

Lets spend the first 20 minutes sending to all the amazing sources of fresh water that exist on this planet, our rivers, lakes, streams, ground water, and wetlands. These are our vital resources that need light as well as all the efforts of organizations advocating on their behalf.

The next 20 minutes, let’s bring it closer to home, to a body of fresh water that has meaning in your community. For me, it’s been the beloved Duwamish River, where over the last year, our Reiki Fellowship group performed blessings and ceremonies for the health of this water way. Listen to my radio interview on Seattle’s NPR station KUOW.

Lastly, finishing our session, offering this healing light and intention to our families, friends, neighbors and ourselves in need of healing light, as we are mostly composed of this amazing substance, H20 as well.
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