How do you know something is true?

I mean really true, as in perceiving the truth about a situation or event vs. factual evidence?

I’ve mentioned this to my Reiki students and each one seems to have an innate way of discerning truth.  It might be a feeling or sensation that happens, like a warm feeling in the stomach.  I often perceive something as true like electricity running down my spine and arms.  Others have a knowing in a kind of mental/cognitive way, a certainty that cannot be shaken.

I think it’s a perception that can be cultivated rather than a talent we are ‘born’ with.  Energy work helps to hone the skills of intuition and by default, perception.

Working on ‘getting out of the way’, being a compassionate listener and holder of space also allows for greater awareness of circumstance to unfold.

I use this ability all the time in working with clients.  It’s a gague that permits me to guide them in the right direction of making a decision or change.  One client the other day told me about his vision for his future work he wanted to pursue and that electric feeling in my back happened.  He went on to say it would be a difficult path for him to pursue, but I asked him when he tapped back in to himself, what did the image of that future career look like for him?  How did it make him feel?  He couldn’t deny that there was a strong resonance, and even though it would be a difficult path, he was determined to stay on it.

I also use this ‘truth detection’ when listening to others, on the news, out in the world, within my friends or family.  What is really being said?  Is it an agenda?  Confusion? Or is it real?  Helps me to navigate ambiguous situations.

What is your way of perceiving truth?  Have you cultivated it?  Has it ever mislead you?

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