Good contemplation: Watch The Descendents

I can see why it won an Oscar for best screenplay, it’s a compelling story and a contemplative ride through a ‘flawed’ protagonist’s journey dealing with surprising revelations after his wife suffers a tragic accident.  Through this journey, he becomes aware what truly has meaning for him.

Here are some trailers and articles of the film:

It’s the kind of film that therapists like me enjoy because it portrays real-life scenarios with clarity, reality and a very human approach to dealing with the lemons life throws us.

There’s also several back stories that add to the intrigue of the accident, and if you are a George Clooney fan, you’ll appreciate how far he has stretched himself as an actor.

It’s an excellent film for the advocacy of having a living will.  I first became familiar with them decades ago when I worked as a social worker in a nursing home.  Every resident had to have one.  What is a living will?  Or advance directive?  It gives guidelines on how you want or don’t want heroic measures performed should you become incapactitated due to a chronic illness or unforseen accident.  Here is a link to create a free one yourself:

This film shows a real-life scenario acted out amongst family members and friends when the patient has stated in her living will no heroic measures and is taken off life support after deterating in a coma.  It makes you think, ‘what would I do’?

Unless we are in our ‘senior’ years, we usually aren’t thinking about such things, but this movie is a story effecting a middle-age couple and their children.

So spread the word, if you haven’t seen it, do so (and soon enough it will be on Red Box or Netflix).  This is a film to be shared.

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