Creating meaningful art

What is meaningful art?  Why do we need it?  I’ve heard it said that the creation of art is what truly makes us human.

I suppose it’s subjective to the observer and creator.  But I’d have to put my opinion in and say it is a work that sparks deep appreciation for the talent, training and production that has gone into it’s manifestation.

Over this last week, I’ve seen several films, The Descendents and People vs. The State of Illusion that are both deeply provocative and meaningful, worthy of being shown.

Last night, I went to see a performance at Seattle’s Comedy/Variety show, The Moisture Festival.  Pure, unadulterated art with performances by artists that were 150% present for the audience.  3 hours flew by and I’ve never been so absorbed in a live show before.

And then I contrast that to some of the other movies and shows that fellow actors and musicians I know have put together and I’ve witnessed this past week.

It’s not that they aren’t talented, but the magic that makes something meaningful is lacking.  It’s like having days of a feast of art and then comparing it to Top Ramen.  Just no comparison.  But like everything in life, perhaps it’s a means to an end…that eventually, through all their projects, they’ll create a masterpiece.

Tonight, the Reiki Soundscape presents itself yet again.  An organic musical experience infused with healing energy.  Over the years there have been great Scapes, and there have been those that have cobbled by.  All were learning experiences, but each one had the intention of being meaningful for the participants.

As 2012 unfolds, there will be more Soundscapes, more opportunities to strive for the creation of an experience that transforms both creator and receiver.

What gives art meaning to you?  What shows, films, concerts or works of art have transformed you?  I feel in addition to doing traditional healing work in the world to raise the vibration, the caliber of art also needs to be raised.  Comments and suggestions welcome!

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