Finding the right gear to navigate the week

This is inner gear and strength that is needed and today it seems a little ambivalent.

I just don’t want to do it.  It feels like Monday morning sludge.  I’m digging my boots into it.  Maybe I do need some gear, imaginative gear.  What if I had skis that could easily slide over the sludge of tasks and situations that have presented themselves, how would that perspective be?

A lot easier than getting stuck in mud.  So I’m going to try that visualization, skiing over and along the path this week, if it gets sticky and challenging, I’m going to see if the skis have the ability to levitate above the dark matter, still moving forward but not being weighed down.

I’m throwing in some imaginary ice axes too, if I do get stuck, maybe I can ‘see’ myself lifted out of the situation.

Just that shift in perspective makes Monday morning a little more bearable.  I’m also imagining a whole group of porters to help me on this expedition through life.  I mean, who would trek the Himalayas without help?

Not that my world is that intense, it’s not a mountaineering expedition, but it feels like it right now, so I’m calling on my guides and allies for assistance.

I think meditating and praying will also be my anchors this week, along with some other fun activities I am infusing into my schedule, in between the things that need attending to, absolutely have to get done and those things that well, can wait and be put off.

This is how I’m shifting perspective today so that the weight of the week can be dispersed and I can glide easily through it looking at it as more an adventure than adversary.

Thriving in ordinary reality.

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