Riding on the Reiki Road

This weekend begins the journey through Reiki 3 and beginning mastery.  It’s not for the faint of heart.  The perils that await students are really all within themselves.  So the ‘Reiki Road’ is really a journey through one’s heart.

Advanced Reiki students need to look at how they prevent compassion from expanding through their own judgements.  What holds them back?  What gets in the way of them experiencing love for themselves let alone another fellow being?  We work through that with various meditations and attunements to the master symbol which gently begins to remind students of the ultimate light that resides within.

Cultivating compassion alone does not make one a master.  And it’s a process that continues long after the initial workshop.  Compassion must be matched by one’s wisdom.  How do you cultivate Reiki wisdom?  Practice, practice, practice. And for the advanced students, teach as much as possible.  Have your own students challenge you with questions.  Stretch yourself as a teacher, go into uncomfortable dialogues, share your own vulnerabilities.

Then marinate over years.  Eventually, some gems of wisdom will emerge.  It’s when you as a Reiki master begin to feel confident about your work.  You realize you don’t need the outline or the packet for the class.  You could teach what you know virtually anywhere.

So, back to Reiki 3 and mastery.  They provide additional tools and support for the practitioner to go within.  It’s inside our hearts and within our minds where this compassion and wisdom is waiting to be released to the world.

In Buddhism, this is the dwelling of the Bodisattva, or, enlightened being who assists in the suffering of the world.

Once you find him or her you have a challenging time returning how you once viewed the world.  Advanced levels of Reiki truly emphasize the point of ‘that which does not serve you will fall away’.

More to be continued this weekend…..

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