Determination overcomes all obstacles

Well, I did it.  I taught a full wonderful weekend of Reiki 3 and mastery even though my by body was suffering a cold, congestion and wanted to stay in bed.  The mind is more powerful than we often give it credit for.

I had a direct conversation with my consciousness on Friday evening and said to it, “You are going to do this weekend even if you’d rather not, no excuses.  The students deserve this, they’ve re-arranged their schedules to be here and you need to show up.”

I thought of my Reiki colleague in San Francisco, Anna Dorian, who suffered with breast cancer for two years and continued to teach Reiki.  If there ever is a model in determination and persistence, she is it.  My cold was a far cry from the ravages of such a debilitating disease.

Anna told me when I last spoke with her what got her through was the support of her community, the healing light of Reiki and convincing her own mind that she was going to heal.

And she did and has.  She is cancer-free.

To help me through the remainder of training I did ask my close friends and family for some additional Reiki light, which gave me just enough energy to make it to another dear friend’s 50th birthday dinner later Sunday night.

Sha’ari Garfinkel is an amazing person, social worker and music therapist who has brought her gifts to the Duwamish blessings we did last year.  She is a bubble of light and had a wonderful group of thirty of her friends to cheer her in this next stage of her life.  And, as if to emphasize the power of determination to overcome all obstacles, she let everyone know that the night before her gala, she was in the emergency room getting treated for bronchitis.  She asked the doctors for medicine and support so she could attend this party in her honor.  Her illness was not going to stand in the way.

When you overcome adversity, whether through illness or life circumstance, it stretches you, makes you fuller and richer as a person.  You realize what you are capable of.  That is strength.  And through that process, lies the silver lining of wisdom.


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