Are You Falling Into New Age Syndrome?

Thanks Nathaniel for this!:  Be honest with yourself and see if you’re falling into this dangerous New Age trap.

  • You’re beginning to participate in esoteric and spiritual workshops not because you seek spiritual development, but because these workshops make you feel good for few minutes. But since it doesn’t last, you move from workshop to workshop just to sustain your hunger for “feeling spiritual”.
  • You go for healing sessions not because you’re ill, but because it makes you feel good.
  • You’re beginning to segregate people to those who grow spiritually, and those who do not grow spiritually. You’re beginning to avoid people who aren’t growing spiritually.
  • You’re beginning to avoid contact with friends and family, or avoid places that felt good before, and now they feel terrible.
  • You’re noticing that your sensitivity to psychic energies is developing further. You’re noticing that you sense things all the time, and it’s becoming annoying, but you don’t care, as you consider this to be a “proof that you’re developing on a spiritual level”.

People ask me “so what can you sense or see right now” – and I answer them: “nothing”. It’s because I’m open to energies and messages only when I need to. You see – spiritual and psychic development is a path to a better life. You shouldn’t fall into a trap of enjoying the physical or mental states themselves for few seconds. They’re not the point of your practice. And finally, the fact that you’re constantly open to spiritual energies and messages doesn’t mean that you’re growing – it just means that you’ve energized your spine energy channel and upper chakras, and this is a seriously dangerous stuff. Often, it’s called a Kundalini Syndrome, but don’t be mislead – Kundalini Syndrome is a much worse condition.

How To Avoid Falling Into New Age Syndrome

The reason why people fall into the New Age Syndrome trap is that they energize their spine channel, and upper chakras. Some people perceive it as the main goal of spiritual growth, but it’s just a tool, not the goal. The upper chakras will become energized with time, after many years of practice. And this will happen automatically, when you will be ready. Do not try to energize these chakras on your own – you can send energy there for healing or development purposes, but the rule is clear – do not leave the energy in the chakras.

There are many ways to avoid falling into New Age trap – regular grounding and centering practices are the basics. More to be continued…thanks again to Nathaniel of a State of Mind for these encouraging words.

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  1. brian m dotson
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 12:45:11

    I see many people as “seekers”. Even though I still consider myself a seeker, I have long since figured out where my need for spiritual development comes from for me.

    I agree with what you said that people are living in their upper and more spiritual Chakras. I see that as being Hollisically unbalanced. With my yoga, quigong and Reiki practice I seek to help people to balance body, mind, spirit.

    As lightworkers I feel our responsibility is not to sell “our way” but to encourage the balance you talk about. Frequently I point friends to a book called Dragons Speak, that basically is about the Monkey and the Sage that must make a journey that can only be accomplished by coming together— balance.

    Thank you for the thoughtful stimulation . BTW I read all of your Blog Posts, thank you for your work and guidance.


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