Reiki 1: Journey to the Center of Your Being on 4/14

Reiki 1 is a journey of discovery.  On April 14th from 10am-5pm at the Reiki Sanctuary, we will once again take this magnificent sojourn together.  Here is a description of what students will take away from their magical day!:

In this course you will be introduced to the following areas:
The five principles of Reiki
The story and history of Reiki
What Reiki is and how Reiki works

Reiki Training and Attunements:
Four of your energy centers or ‘chakras’ are reawakened and attuned which:
Clears a healing channel
Elevates the physical vibratory level
Enables a more intense healing energy to flow though you
Clears blocked energy and the potential for disease

The Major Chakras:
Learn what these are and where they lie
Why they are important and what they represent

Self Healing and Hand Positions To Use:
Learn how to self treat through Reiki
What hand positions to use
The traditional sequence for self-healing
The importance of daily practice and focus of self-healing

Healing Others and Hand Positions To Use:
Learn how to treat other people
The traditional sequence to use
Principles and etiquette to observe when offering sessions to others

Reiki 1 Course fee of $195 includes:
A detailed and comprehensive training manual for you to keep
Snacks and tea for workshop
Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the course
Your Reiki lineage traced back to Dr. Usui is given
Follow-up Reiki circle and correspondence after the course to check your progress

To register please click here.

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